A place where memories come alive again…

Each of you, have had unique experience during your college life. Be it your first day at college or the great time you spent with your friends or the moments you bade farewell. The various challenges you faced, only helped you to shape yourself for the better.


The purpose of this association is to see that your experiences do not end at graduation & to engage you with the happenings, news & updates of the college, to keep up the zest and excitement of your college days. Share your professional and social experiences with us. Show your spouse and kids your college and relive those cherished sweet and spicy moments once again.


We shall be delighted to have your co-operation & support to help strengthen this alumni association.

Register yourself here, explore your college website and stay connected…


List of Registered Alumni:

Dr. Mrinal Sharma 2002
Dr. Swati Saroha 2002
Dr. Poonam Panwar 2002
Dr. Ankur Kataria 2002
Dr. Rahul Gahlot 2003
Dr. Shivani Gautam 2003
Dr. Abhishek Dalmia 2003
Dr. Mayank Bansal 2003
Dr. Hari Shanker Tripathi 2003
Dr. Sanjeev Sharma 2003
Dr. Manisha Kayath 2004
Dr. Manu Arora 2004
Dr. Tarkeshwar Gupta


Dr. Soni Gupta  2004 
Dr. Yogesh Sahdev   2005  
Dr. Saima Khan 2005
Dr. Amandeep 2007
Dr. Vinit Kumar 2007
Dr. Tongbram Sujata Devi 2008
Dr. Komal Gautam 2008
Dr. Prerna Sharma 2008
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