Benefits of Blood Donation

It is ridiculous that even educated people still abhor the idea of blood donation. It not only saves other's lives but it has many benefits to the donor too. Anybody between 18 years or older but less than 60 years can donate blood.


A doctor will ask about your medical history to ascertain that you are fit to donate blood and examine you. Your weight, blood pressure, pulse and Hemoglobin will be recorded i.e. benefit of a FREE medical check-up. Only fit and healthy individuals are accepted as donors. The donation process takes only 5 to 7 minutes with the help of a sterile and disposable kit by trained professionals. A brief rest, some refreshments and you are ready for your routine work.


The volume of blood taken out replaces itself within twenty four hours from the reserves in the body. You get rid of about 650 calories by donating one unit of blood.That's a forty minute run at seven miles per hour. Donating blood aids the rejuvenation of red blood cells and can help reduce the risk of heart disease, especially in men. Some studies have shown that regular blood donation can help prevent the build-up of iron in the body over time, reducing the strain caused on major organs including the heart. The benefits are thought to be most pronounced in middle-aged men and amongst people prone to haemachromotosis .


Astrologically, donating blood also believed to overcome "mangal dosha"


An Apheresis Donor benefits too since there is no loss of red cells. One can donate apheresis components viz. platelets, granulocytes (white cells) or plasma than whole blood donation, though the process is longer and requires specialized technique.


Regular acts of kindness, like giving blood, are good for anyone's heart and one gets a feeling of great pleasure, peace and bliss.