Bring back that smile… Homeopathy Helps

Homoeopathic System of Medicine is in the service of ailing humanity for more than two centuries. The system owes its foundation to the Great German physician Dr. Christian Fredrick Samuel Hahnemann in 1810. In its initial phase, the world recognized this system of Medicine in effectively controlling epidemics of Plague and Chicken pox, when their contemporary treatment was not discovered and millions of people were saved by Homoeopathy.


There is a common perception among the general public that Homoeopathy is only useful in chronic cases but the fact is that it brings amazing results in acute cases as well.


In India , many people suffer due to poor hygienic conditions, lack of potable water, pollution and malnutrition and the kids are at the receiving end. Homoeopathy, can lend a helping hand at every stage of a child's growth and development. The medicines used in Homoeopathy are known for their specific and natural stimulation to the body thus strengthening its defense mechanism producing an overall improvement without any side effects. It plays a momentous preventive and curative role for wellness of the kids.


A baby is safe in the mother's womb, but after birth he/she is exposed to polluted environment consisting of bacteria, viruses, parasites & other disease causing germs. It leads to an encounter of body's defense against them, decided by immune foundation of the individual which has to be very strong to fight effectively against diseases.


We, at Solan Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital helps the child to build a better immune defense system with the application of child friendly Homoeopathic medication which is not possible by using toxic and suppressive drugs that weakens the natural immunity. Professionally qualified and experienced physicians provide personal care for your children to alleviate the problems like colic, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Teething troubles, respiratory tract infections, Earache, Bed wetting, Stammering, Allergies, Skin conditions, Common behavioral problems including School phobia and many other such conditions.


Homoeopathy provides holistic approach considering all the organs and systems of the body in totality as a combined one. It also offers preventive medicines for prevalent disease conditions like Flu, Measles, Chickenpox, Conjunctivitis etc.


Our hospital is open all days of the week except Sundays from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. We prevent, protect and heal kids, ladies and adults as well from misery of diseases that crop up every day due to human ignorance and infections.


Dr. Pawan Dviwedi
Department of Surgery