A Brief Profile

Health Trust of India is a charitable trust registered in the state of Himachal Pradesh under the dynamic leadership and guidance of Er. Roshan Lal Jindal, The Chairman and other learned members of the trust. The Health Trust of India is committed to the promise that every human being has the right to Health, Education and thus economic independence. To fulfill this commitment to the society, this trust began its debut venture by establishing Solan Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital at Solan, in the year 2002 with the objective of providing comprehensive health care, medical education and thus attaining wellness of the people of Himachal Pradesh and adjoining states. The objective of the Health Trust of India is to provide cost-effective approach to health care, quality Homoeopathic Medical Education and health awareness among masses, many of whom are underprivileged and have little or no healthcare facilities specially in the rural areas.


( Mission , mish'un, n. the purpose for which one is sent; any particular field of missionary enterprise; purpose of life )

A Quest to create Excellence in Health Education, Nurture Abilities, Serve Humanity and thereby enhance the Quality of Life.


( Creed, Kre'd, n. set of beliefs or principles )

We are committed to the philosophy of excellence, emotionally and intellectually in improving all round development of our students. Wellness of our patients and constant improvement of ourselves, by working as a team in a spirit of Trust & Co-operation.


( Endeavour, en-dev'ur, v. to strive to accomplish an object, to attempt or try )

To beget doctors of mental brilliance, physical strength, moral, spiritual and cultural opulence.