Tongue: The index of your health

Tongue is called the mirror of the stomach. It can prove to be an important indicator in Homoeopathic Case Taking & determining many disease conditions and the general health of the body. It is a vital, highly active, sensitive organ, which is the beginning and the only visible part of the digestive tract. 

Examination of the tongue:

Ask the patient to protrude the tongue and check for any deviation, soreness or tremors. Examine the dorsum of the tongue, noting the color and any coating or furring. Is the tongue enlarged or flabby? Note the condition of the papillae. Are there any cracks, fissures or patches on the tongue? Ask the patient to elevate the tip with the wide open mouth and examine the undersurface of the anterior tongue. While conducting this examination it is important to study the lips, teeth, gums, palate, fauces, tonsils and pharynx.

Normal healthy tongue is moist, with a rough surface, and has an evenly colored pink surface. Inspection of the patient's tongue is, therefore, a very useful starting point in most Homoeopathic consultations.


Cuts & wounds: May be treated with a mouthwash of Calendula mother tincture or a mixture of equal volumes of Calendula and Hypericum mother tinctures, 10 drops in a half a cupful of water. If there is suppuration, give Hepar sulph too.

Bitten Tongue: Ledum for punctured wounds with imprints of teeth, or as for cuts and wounds. Hydrastis. Merc. cor, Merc. sol. or Rhus tox. may also be considered.

Red tip of tongue: It is usually caused due to a dietary problem with excessively acid foods. Reduce acidity by increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables and give Rhus tox. Natrum carb, Belladonna , Natrum phos., Arg. nit. , or Sulphur .

White discoloration with Salivation and bad, slimy taste. White 'thrush' tongue. Give Kali carb or Kali mur, Bryonia, or Taraxacum .

Dry, Thick, White Coating is a sign of toxification. Water intake should be increased. Give drainage remedies. Berberis vulgaris, for kidney dysfunction, Chelidonium for liver dysfunction, Antim Crud or Antim Tart , Kali sulph. or Taraxacum , Baptisia or Arsen. alb. For constipation, give Senna.

Grayish white mapped tongue with swelling. Tongue feels dry or slimy. Give Kali mur or Natrium mur

Smooth, pale tongue suggests a nutritional deficiency; the healthy tongue is rough. A healthy, balanced diet is necessary. Give the biochemic remedy Kali phos.

A purplish hue of the tongueindicates towards Lachesis . Consider Petroleum also.

Red tongue with pale edges and tiny white spots indicates a liver problem. Give Natrum sulph., Chelidonium, Berberis vulgaris or Solidago.

A grayish green tongue may suggest severe constipation. Give drainage remedies, including Senna and increase water intake.

For yellow, thick dirty coated tongue give Chelidonium. if a liver problem is suspected. Consider Rhus tox., Kali bich. or Spigelia or Hydrastis.

Note: All the above mentioned Homoeopathic medicines should be given in consultation of your physician as per prescription .